Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Why Beyoncé Can't Win

Beyoncé is the woman the media loves to tear down. I used to think it was just a case of tall poppy syndrome. When a person reaches a certain level of success, there's an ugly but distinctly human desire to give them a reality check. It happened to Michael Jackson, Madonna and basically anyone else worthy of icon status. But I think the Bey hate goes beyond that.

First there was the baby bump debacle. I can't think of a more disgusting thing to accuse a woman of than faking her pregnancy (particularly without proof) but that didn't stop every media outlet running with the story. It turned out to be bullshit - as evidenced by the sonogram footage in her upcoming documentary - but nobody apologised.

Then there was the "Countdown" video scandal. The director lifted a couple of dance moves from an obscure ballet and King B was dragged over the coals despite the fact that her contemporaries (Rihanna and Kelly Rowland for starters) were stealing entire video concepts with no backlash.

That takes us to the legendary diva's performance of "Star Spangled Banner" at President Obama's inauguration. It was widely praised as the best rendition of all time but then someone from the Marine band accused her of lip-syncing (a statement that was later retracted) and she became public enemy number one. There was a school shooting in America earlier today but the top story was "Beyoncé mimed the national anthem".

There is so much wrong with this situation. Why are the damn marines reaching out to entertainment reporters with gossip in the first place? Is the American military that thirsty for attention? More disturbingly, why was the source not checked before everyone started throwing accusations? I thought that was the basis of solid journalism and was drilled into my head on the first day of my degree. The person ultimately retracted their comment but the damage was done and bitches will, no doubt, be sharpening their knives for the Superbowl performance.

It's clear from the video of the inauguration that something was going on with the audio. Bey removed her earpiece half-way through and looked visibly agitated. You can also hear her breathing and see a damn vein popping on her head, so she was definitely singing live. Perhaps she was accompanied by a backing tape. I don't know and I don't care. I've seen Mariah mime. I've seen Aretha mime. Hell, Britney probably mimes when she sings her children a lullaby before tucking them into bed at night. We all know they (well, at least the first two) can sing, so I assume there was another reason for their decision to give their voice a rest. It doesn't make me think any less of them.

The question remains - why does Beysus get such a raw deal? Jealousy and racism are the obvious answers. The Queen of all genres is just a little too perfect. If Beyoncé was being smacked around by a boyfriend or popping pills, she would get the sympathy vote. Instead, she's happily married and the poster girl for female empowerment. It clearly annoys people that she's almost supernaturally talented, scarily beautiful, filthy rich and very well-connected. That's a dangerous enough combination but when you throw in the colour of her skin, people get even more uncomfortable.

Today's trial by media was a new low point for everyone involved. After slaying with this album, Bey should just go away and enjoy her perfect life. We don't deserve her.


Dimp said...

I think she is trashed so hard because she's supposed to be this perfect soul and expected to do everything perfectly.....since that's the image she portrays.

So when she does something not perfect, like having a surrogate or lip syncing the world flips put because Beyoncé is supposed to be perfect lol.

Meh.. That's just my two cents. I was at the gym last night and sure enough the reporter jump from ppl dying in a car crash, to Beyoncé lip syncing calling it the top story of the night.

Forget abut Obama, the Inauguration, the bill signing and all, people were more concerned about what Michelle Obama and her children were wearing and the fact that Beyoncé lip synced.... It blows mind. Smh

Martin said...

I agreed with your entire point bar the "racism" card... I don't think it's based on racism, hell, she's more white than half the featured guests on Today Tonight. It's all about her "good" image... She needs to drop with the smiles and tell a cancer kid to "get fucked"... Just do SOMETHING to make her seem less like one of God's apostles and bring her back to regular human status...

John said...

I do love Bey, and I do think this thing has been completely overblown. However, I'm going to agree with Martin. You don't see this type of thing with Rihanna and Britney because their warts are all out there for the world to see. It's human nature to tear down something that seems SO perfect. I mean Blue Ivy's name has been submitted for a trademark...really?

There's more at play here than Beyonce, though. Politics in the US have become so polarized that the opposition to the President would run with a story like this as one more underhanded way to get a dig in on Obama. ANY controversy regarding the Inauguration was bound to gain traction with the entire country watching.

Rebbie said...

Am I the only one seeing the parallels to the hatred that Miss Ross frequently elicits?

Anonymous said...

Girls (Who Mime The Words)

Me said...

Its because MIMEyawnse is an egotistical harpy who likes to thank ghawd for supposedly giving her fame and money when there are people destitute and homeless. Kind of rubbing it in the face of her fans who look to her for inspiration in this global recession. Plus she is well known for being a bit of a nasty bitch behind the scenes - the way she cruelly discarded La Toya and LaTvia after they helped make her a star, then tried to get rid of poor Michelle to make room for her flop sister. Not to mention that despite her actual talent and amazing powerful vocals, that she should choose to mime when she doesn't need to smacks of her not wanting to tarnish her carefully crafted image incase she hits a bum note. Her head is so far up her own arse that she can see the back of her teeth.

Basically she portrays herself as some perfect amazing flawless untouchable talent with the perfect life, perfect husband, perfect body, perfect baby, perfect everything who has slagged off people for miming in the past and then insults everyone by miming. About time she got pulled down off her sanctimonious high horse.

Anonymous said...

She has stolen so many concepts, outfits, songs and ideas.

We totally don't deserve a complete fraud like your Beysus!

Anonymous said...

Oh look Baby Mikey threw his toys out of the pram.

mark said...

She is fake ! trying to act like she had a tough time getting to where she is ! She is from an upper middle class family and never had to fight for anything ! she's as boring as wonder bread.

FuckBeyHaters said...

Emperor Bey haters need to take two damn seats. All that jealousy and thirstiness is not where its at. How do I know these pressed queens and bitter bitches are jealous of Bey? because I am jealous of Bey and I stan for her.

Anonymous said...

Bitch, are you for real? Seriously? Poor Beyawncé? This cunt has millions, but poor her because they are "picking" on her?

Jesus H. Christ, you are so gayluded, it's not even funny. And racism? Wow. Just wow.

Anonymous said...

To the people saying she portrays her self "as some perfect amazing flawless untouchable talent with the perfect life", when have you ever heard her say this? She never says this. If she acts classily and doesn't wear and gets married and has a kid, that's just how she lives. You are basically confirming what this article says. She is portrayed as perfect not by herself but by the media. Just because she is great at what she does and doesn't have scandals doesn't means she has to go around and show her "warts" to people. You wouldn't like posting embarrassing things on your Facebook, why would she like doing that in front of the world? She's an extremely private celebrity and if that comes off as perfect, then don't fault her for appearing so.

Regardless if she's had to struggle in her life, coming from a middle class family, she has worked very very hard since she was a child for the life she now has. Not everyone has to be poor to be considered real.

Lastly, she is known for the opposite of being nasty behind the scenes. Every celebrity who has talked about Beyonce have sung her praises, saying things about how humble she is for being such a star, how kind and genuinely interested she is in you. So please don't let the rumours of 1998 get to you in 2013. Lots has changed since then, and by the way SHE had nothing to do with Letoya and LaTavia getting kicked out, and they have even said they have no problem with Beyonce.

Get your facts straight if you're going to say them.

Also to the poster of this article, thanks for bringing up the issue of copying. Considering she got a HUGE amount of press for Countdown, for taking some dance moves in reference while other videos of the artists you mentioned were nearly exact copies of pre-existing music video didn't get any coverage.

Anonymous said...

WHO FUCKING CARES??? The only people that care are those who have no fucking life and time to sitting around bitching about it on twitter all day long! PS not you mike lol

Anonymous said...

Love love love beyonce but I wouldn't say she gets a raw deal at all. It's hard when our faves get criticised but I definitely don't think she gets any more hate than mariah carey. They are both amazing vocalists and haters will take any opportunity to try and bring them down. Haterz gon' hate :p

Anonymous said...

This entire post is disgusting. I can't at you actually stooping so low and say that this is a race thing. Was race an issue when Christina Aguilera was torn apart for messing up the words to her national anthem?

Bey never gets bad press, this is basically the first time she has been dragged, she is basically everybodys sweetheart and the one time she gets some sort of negative press, you have to hit your little blog and play the racism card? Other singers are torn apart more often than Beyonce for doing much less than lipping the national anthem at a president inauguration, I dont see you rushing to their defense and suggesting it may have something to do with their race. You're disgusting.

Anonymous said...

your way out of order mike i'm tired of the race card being pulled so pathetic.

Mike said...

Anyone who says this isn't about race is clearly racist like the anonymous commenters above.

Anonymous said...


Funny how you pull a race card just to get a real excuse for the fraud that is Beyonce.

If you want to play the race card, you better do it right.

As we all know, Beyonce is known for stealing songwriting credits, yes, a typical uneducated black girl, she forced her bandmates to unemployment, another typical unethical black girl trait, and not to mention, all her concert and concept ideas are borrowed from white acts, oops, wait, she also stole the Rhythm Nation choreography for DC and "Ring the Alarm" as well, stealing form another black girl.

She pollutes society with her unoriginality and deception, watch her go down the drain like flushed brown poop.

Andy said...

I think it's time that someone blames "singers" for not singing live. I mean, if you're a singer then sing for Christ's sake. Otherwise you're just a model or a dancer.
I've never been a fan of Beyoncé anyway. First of all, I don't like her over-dramatic gestures that remind me of some lousy contestant on RuPaul's Drag Race. Secondly, even on CD her voice does not have a pleasant tone for me (but I know I'm pretty much alone here since everybody else seem to like her voice, sorry, but I never have). But the number one thing why I don't like her is because she wears fur and she uses it in her own cloting line (or that of her mom or whatever). Yes, I know many singers wear fur (and I don't like them either) but that doesn't make it legitimate. If you haveever watched a video of animals suffering on fur farms, you will understand that this is simply wrong.

AST said...

^^^ I'll have to agree with you on the vocal tone. I think she's a good vocalist but her drastic change in vocal tone has gotten annoying and boring after all these years. Some people actually take credit away from her as a vocalist because of it.

" Anyone who says this isn't about race is clearly racist"
Circular reasoning anyone? WOW.

Then you complain about "others" who are excused due to sympathy, but aren't they in the same boat?