Thursday, January 31, 2013

These Beefcakes, A Spanish Flop & Pitbull Cover Aerosmith

Why is Pitbull so much less annoying in Spanish? Maybe it's because I don't understand when he "raps" about poppin' bottles and randomly lists cities. But this post is not about Mr Worldwide. To be honest it's a complete mystery how he ended up on the latest single from Puerto Rican duo Dyland & Lenny. They're not exactly household names. Anywhere.

Perhaps he just couldn't resist contributing to the greatest Latin pop track of 2013. I'm only being half-sarcastic. "Sin Ti" is a hot mess of epic proportions but I'm completely obsessed. The hip-hop/dance remake of Aerosmith's "Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" reminds me of those appalling techno mixes of popular songs we used to get in the '90s. Who will ever forget this triumph?

There's nothing classy or original about "Sin Ti" but it's so much fun you won't care one iota. Pitbull introduces his collaborators before making way for Dyland & Lenny, who actually sound pretty good to me. It could help that they spend most of the clip shirtless and are rather easy on the eye (see above).

And then there's the cherry on the top - Spanish dance flop legend Beatriz Luengo. I can't with this bitch. The way she pronounces "you" as "yowwww" cracks me up and why is she wearing Lady Gaga's studded bra from 2008 in the video? Lady, you're no Soraya!

Watch in awe below as this raggedy bunch destroy Aerosmith and deliver the best summer anthem you'll never hear on Australian radio.


Tony Tornado said...

So less annoying for you. For us it's a pain in the ass big as Uranus.

Es un insoportable, sea en el idioma que sea...

Sexbox said... know how to pick them. This was released on US iTunes months ago and I agree....between the Pitbull, the tranny singing and the Aerosmith sample there is just too much going on. Thank god for the video director to at least give us some eye candy.

axel_bogay said...

Stunning, fabulous, vocals are stunning - it is what I'd imagine Deni Hines would have produced had she drifted into Euro-trash. Love it.

Me said...


Mike said...

C'mon Tony you know you're a secret Pitbull fan!