Monday, January 14, 2013

Mariah's Triumphant Return To Australia

Over the Summer I was lucky enough to tag along on Mariah's Australian tour. It was a wild ride with a couple of tense moments but it was a brilliant experience that I will always cherish. All of the shows were good but the Sydney concert was absolutely immaculate. Mimi received unfair criticism for what was perceived to be an overly short set but when you have 917 hits you have to be judicious about what you sing and I think she got the mix right. The diva enjoyed herself so much that she's desperate to return and could be heading back this way as soon as September to tour her new album. I'll be there.

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Diva Incarnate said...

I'll be gutted if I never get to see her live again. Her live antics are the main draw, but vocally she's surprising me (even with the mimed parts).

"The In-Between Banter" 2013 Tour soon please.

Anonymous said...

Truly beyond me how someone like you managed to get backstage at Mariahs show. I didn't think people that ran little known blogs were allowed backstage, I thought it was the more well known ones that were granted permission tbh. I guess security was low.

Anonymous said...

Nicki Minaj wasn't around so there was no need for extra security.

Adriana Kupresak said...

Best night of my life