Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Luciana's Annual Aus Club Smash - U B The Bass

If you played all of Luciana's dance hits back-to-back, you could keep a club jumping for days. The English-born, Australia-adopted beauty is back with yet another explosive anthem called "U B The Bass". I love everything the queen of clubs does but this is extra special because: 

1. The lyrics name-check goddess Shakira
2. Luci sings about 'body language', which reminds me of Kylie's similarly-titled best album
3. "U B The Bass" has a commercial sound, which should find a home on Australian radio

The initial response has been great. Luciana's latest floorfiller was a hit with fans on her recently-completed tour and is already sitting at #70 on iTunes with no promotion. It will probably drop a little until the track is officially serviced to clubs and radio but this is a fantastic start.

 Listen to the first truly great pop song of 2013 below.


Anonymous said...

This is going all the way to the top. Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

I saw it on itunes and bought it without even listening to it cuz this bitchs tunes are always pumpin

Matt said...


Me said...

Luci keeps producing the goods unlike so many divas. Its good to see that she has made her fauxSaffronfromRebublica act work when it didn't work for the genuine article.

Anonymous said...

WTF?! Get over your Faux Saffron from Republica chip. That old bint hasn't changed her hairstyle or sound in decades! No wonder she got left behind.Luciana constantly evolves her style and sound. Luciana IS the genuine article! END OF!

Mike said...