Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kween Kat Strikes Back

Kat DeLuna is an unstoppable force of nature. The Dominican deity releases a new song every second week. So does Rihanna, I hear you say - but RedOne's original muse never disappoints. So she wins.

I'm not sure if "Always On My Mind" is even on the diva's soon-to-be-released third album. It's another exotic international collaboration - this time with Romanian DJ Costi - and could be slated exclusively for lucrative Eastern European market. That would be a shame because Kat's latest smash is a bright and breezy summer jam that finds the global trendsetter in an unusually laid back mood. This is the perfect soundtrack for sipping cocktails by the pool or smuggling drugs across the Romanian countryside. The bouncy chorus is cute and I love the Spanish breakdown at the end.

Listen to Senorita DeLuna's latest triumph below and join my prayer circle to ask Jesus for more details about Viva.


Taylor Swift said...

I love your dedication to queen kat!

Geza Szanto said...

I have to say Qween Kat really is the rich man's Nicole Scherzinger, I mean at least her shit gets released. I was overcome with joy joy feelings when I discovered Kat on a Kalenna track(Kalenna = some bitch who will stab you in your sleep). The track is called World Love and was released early last year, it totally flew under my radar until last week :( Its amaze and is super radio friendly!!!