Monday, December 10, 2012

The Best Scandinavian Electro-Ballad Of 2012

As 2012 draws to a screeching halt, I've been trying to fill in the gaps of my musical knowledge - so I can put together a well-rounded end of year countdown that doesn't just include the entire Warrior tracklist. As such, I've been spending hours trawling through my favourite blogs and found Susanne Sundfør's "White Foxes" featured on several of them. About 10 months ago. Better late than never, right? I feel like the universe steered me towards the Norwegian sensation to restore my faith in Scandinavian pop music.

We still have Medina and I love Icona Pop's album but with Robyn on hiatus that part of the world faded into obscurity faster than Madonna. With the exception of the aforementioned acts, Scandipop back-pedaled into Eurovision territory this year. I guess that's why Susanne is so refreshing. "White Foxes" is the bleakest electro-offering of 2012. The grim singer-songwriter howls menacingly over an icily beautiful sound palette that positively pounds with foreboding. I loved it from the first listen.

The video for Susanne's masterpiece is suitably dark. There are dead animals, a foetus growing inside a man's brain and surgical footage. So your typical Scandinavian sex dream. It's twisted but arty enough to get the usual music snobs on board. I'm still trying to track down the Norwegian trailblazer's album. If "White Foxes" is any indication, it could be an absolute gem.


Anonymous said...


Safiya Outlines said...

The is called Silicone Veil and I've just downloaded it.

When I watched the video and saw Piano Lady In The Snow, I felt dread, as that's a visual accompaniment to many an Xmas time aural abomination.

but no - this was really good, so good, I will let the Loreen diss slide. Likewise the vile slur, that being like the pinnacle of excellence that is Eurovision is any way "backpedalling".

Mike said...

Is the album as good as the song?

I forgot about Loreen. She's ok.

Unknown said...

A friend of mine in Norway recently sent me a link of her singing with Röyksopp. Amazing stuff.