Thursday, December 13, 2012

Raelynn Is The New Taylor Swift

Meet America's new sweetheart. 18-year-old Raelynn appeared on season 2 of The Voice and crushed hoes with her sexy southern twang until she was rudely kicked off after a couple of rounds due to an obvious voting malfunction. Anyway, you can't keep a good christian down. The wholesome beauty nabbed a record deal and already has a hit on her hands. "Boyfriend" (below) is a perky little country-pop tune about wanting to steal someone's man but refraining because you're not that bitch.

The flipside of Dolly Parton's "Jolene" - number 22 on iTunes and rising - is almost unbearably cute at times but the teenager's quirky voice keeps things interesting. I downloaded the ditty just to hear her pronounce Shania Twain on repeat! US Talent shows have a good track record of producing country stars and this Miranda Lambert-mentored diva has the sweet-as-apple pie persona that Americans love. So big things could be on the horizon. Think of Raelynn as Taylor Swift without the battered pussy.

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Taylor Swift said...

LMAO so much shade in this post!