Thursday, December 13, 2012

Melanie Fiona's Incredible 'Change The Record'

Is it just me or has the music industry shut up shop early this year? I know things wind down in December but we're in the middle of a pop drought and I'm starting to get thirsty! Labels have responded by churning out singles from long-dead albums just to have something on radio, which is allowing a couple of forgotten gems to have their moment to shine. The most notable is Melanie Fiona's "Change The Record".

To be honest I had all but forgotten about the Canadian soul singer. I loved her debut but just couldn't get into The MF Life. With one exception. "Change The Record" stands out on Melanie's sophomore set like Adele in Ethiopia. It's a bouncy pop hit with a distinct retro undercurrent courtesy of producer Los Da Mystro. He's not exactly in the same league as RedOne or Dr. Luke but the frequent The-Dream collaborator was responsible for Bey's epic "Schoolin' Life" and the only amazing song on Unapologetic (ie. "Nobody's Business") - so he's definitely one to watch.

This is proof that Mel can mix it up. Her soul ballads are unreal but she's had diminishing returns on the charts, so a catchy upbeat number with a hot rapper - B.o.B's contribution fits perfectly - is a good idea. I hope "Change The Record" gets promoted because it's incredible. Watch the cheap and cheerful video below. I may have to dust off my copy of The MF Life and have another listen.


Anonymous said...

Isn't she just the poor man's Jazmine Sullivan?

John said...

Please...Jazmine needs an oxygen mask to get through a full concert. Melanie's the real deal, and this is one of my favorites on the album. Album's on my year-end best list along with at least one single.

Mike said...

Oh snap!

Yeah Melanie has a much stronger voice than Flopmine.

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