Thursday, November 08, 2012

Queen Celine Returns With A Typically Amazing Pop Song

Celine Dion released a new single LAST MONTH? What? I feel like the internet has personally betrayed me. News as world-shattering as this should have been plastered around the web like ads for erectile dysfunction. Instead I have to learn about the legendary diva's return while Googling Mylène Farmer's range of sex-toys? (Don't ask). I will never get over this!

"Parler à Mon Père" is the lead single from the pop legend's new French opus Sans attendre, which is headed my way courtesy of Amazon. I pretty much love everything Celine does but this sweet ode to her father is one of her perkiest mid-tempo pop ballads in years. It reminds me of "Falling Into You", which is a very good thing. Her vocal is sublime and the sultry production hits the spot.

And there's even a stunning big budget video. Canada's gift to the world takes soft lighting to previously unimagined heights, swirling around in front of lens that appears to be covered in enough Vaseline to lube Adele's arsehole. It goes without saying that Celine looks absolutely ravishing parading around the desert like a saucy siren while images of her dead father flash on screen. Subtlety was never her strong point.

I can't wait to hear the rest of the album but I've even more excited to learn that she's releasing new English-language material in April! If it's anywhere near as brilliant as "Taking Chances", I will be well and truly slayed. Join me in welcoming Celine back.


Alex said...

Haha this was me literally days ago! Better late than never, Queen Celine is back to slay!!

DEAD@ Adele's arsehole comment. You're such a dick!

BruDé said...

If you would understand french, you wouldn't be that amazed by her vocals.... The song is cute, but the way she pronounces some words is just awful ....

Petra said...

I can get past the accent, (though it does hurt my ears at times), what bothers me in the album is the overall theme: could it get any darker? She is talking to her dead dad, her dead baby, then she sings "Ne Me quitte pas" (it is a beautiful rendition) but if you speak French and let her guide you emotionally, you'll end up contemplating suidide. Where is the joy??

Mike said...

So much racism against Canadians! I love Celine's weird voice.

I haven't heard the album yet but maybe it's her turn to explore darker themes. This actually makes me more interested to hear it because she's trying to move in a different direction.

My copy better arrive soon!