Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Canada's Finest Pop Export Returns To End Cher Lloyd's Career.

Holy pop icon Elise Estrada won the Pop Panel in November 2010 with "You're So Hollywood". The high-camp number 98 smash proved irresistible to the judges and I became an overnight fan, snapping up her flaw-free album when I was in Canada last year. A couple of months ago the pop pioneer's new single leaked and I was instantly smitten. "Piece Of Me" takes popular music to the next level with stunning lyrics like "I know whatcha wishin' for from Santa, you want me to peel ya banana" and the cutest chorus of 2012.

Elise has delivered a genuinely great pop song but - to my knowledge - it has never been officially released due to a hate campaign by pressed Cher Lloyd fans, who think the glorious anthem rips off "Want U Back". I have two words for them. Get fucked. This woman is too elite and classy to worry about nobodies like Cher. She's too busy ruling the Canadian airwaves! I hope this is just a momentary setback because "Piece Of Me" deserves its chance to shine. Listen to a preview of the Asian beauty's musical poetry below and join me in begging Elise for the full video.


Anonymous said...

OMG............... GURL bye. She thinks she can steal from the Queen of British pop music and try to add a woof?!

Anonymous said...

is this a joke? this song and cher lloyd are crap..

Sean said...

I love it! lol