Monday, October 15, 2012

The Nekci Menij Show Returns

A couple of weeks ago I posted Bayonse's Quens Of Flop, an animated talk show hosted by Beyoncé's demented alter-ego. I must have watched that shit 150 times. It's my favourite clip in the history of YouTube! Anyway, Bayonse first appeared on The Nekci Menij Show (an era-defining web phenomenon), which returned for its 11th installment last week. In case you haven't seen the first 10 episodes - and if not why not? - Bayonse joined forces with Nicel Shitsinger to reform Destiny's Child and made Zey-J buy everyone's record deal so she had free reign on the charts.I really wish this shit happened in real life!

Anyway, Bayonse's plan backfires when Zey-J is forced to sell Blue Ivy to Medoner to pay off the labels. I don't know what's more hilarious - Madonna dressing as Rihanna to buy reduced-price copies of MDNA, Beyoncé snatching every wig in the game with her diva antics or the blink and you'll miss it gag about Kelly Rowland not being able to be reached for comment about the return of Destiny's Child. The only letdown is the American Idol scene. I thought it fell a bit flat but this is still all kinds of amazing. Bring on episode 12 and the 3rd installment of Quens Of Flop starring Nicki and Mariah! Please!


noelster said...

the only series that's better than all the 'real housewives' put together!

Anonymous said...

this show owns everyone and I love how Madoner can't go without mentioning MDNE every 5 minutes.

the new version of I Am Yuo Leader is also all kinds amazing.

"wot is de menin of dis"
"ill persenly make shur the last otograph u ever sine wil be our divorse papars"
"or my name isn't rhenna! *ring, ring* hello, it's madoner"
"xtine sing is coming out so the top spot is wid open"

and I love Rhenna's balance. "u da 1 royalties = $40" omfg!

Mike said...

I just need all episodes to be released on DVD so I can get high and watch them on repeat.

Anon - I loved the Xtine quip too. But I can't with Medoner buying Blo Ive. It's too perfect!