Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Lisa Mitchell Goes Pop, Slays Your Fave Etc

I've had a soft spot for Lisa Mitchell since she first appeared on Australian Idol and spent every episode looking bored as fuck. Gems like "Coin Laundry" and "Neopolitan Dreams" should have been bigger hits but they were just a bit too quirky for non-indie radio. Her last single "Spiritus" was even weirder but I loved it and dragged the haters on Pop Panel. It's time for the second taste of her soon-to-be-released sophomore album and "Bless This Mess" raises the bar even higher. This demented ditty is the best thing Lisa has ever released.

As usual, the track is a bit nutty but it has a glorious pop sensibility that we haven't heard before. That chorus is undeniable and the whole thing reminds me of Jane Wiedlin's "Rush Hour". I'm not sure why because it's not very '80s and there are no dolphins to be seen in the classy black and white video (below). Speaking of which, how refreshing to see an Australian made clip that doesn't look like it was thrown together by an intern. More importantly - when did she become so gorgeous? If the rest of the album sounds like this the other ethereal indie-pop bitches will need to find a new genre because Lisa has a lock on this shit.


Matt said...

this blog is on fire at the moment!

Chris said...

I also like it better than ever before. The constant flow of great new music makes me come back everyday now.

Mike said...

LOL glad to be of service!