Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kelly Clarkson's Gross Greatest Hits Cover & Tracklist

What the fuck is this? I thought Destiny's Child had the cheapest Greatest Hits package on shelves this Christmas but Kelly Clarkson has cruelly snatched their wigs at the last minute with Chapter One. Who decided to use an almost unrecognisable picture of Kelegend from the Breakaway era and frame it with a pattern that appears to have been stolen from a Britney Spears perfume bottle? I really want to know so I can write a strongly worded letter! And then there's the tracklist. I'm sorry but where is "Low"? "I Don't Hook Up"? Or how about "The Trouble With Love Is"? It's not like she's Madonna or Kylie. There's room for all of her iconic hits. Whatever. I'll still be buying Chapter One but nothing gets me riled like a lazy greatest hits collection. Fingers crossed the new songs are worthy of their place.

1. Since U Been Gone
2. My Life Would Suck Without You
3. Miss Independent
4. Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)
5. Behind These Hazel Eyes
6. Because Of You
7. Never Again
8. Already Gone
9. Mr. Know It All
10. Breakaway
11. Don’t You Wanna Stay (with Jason Aldean)
12. Walk Away
13. Catch My Breath
14. People Like Us
15. Don’t Rush (featuring Vince Gill)
16. A Moment Like This
17. I’ll Be Home For Christmas


Retro^Ruler said...

Apparently those missing tracks you mentioned are on the International Deluxe edition....You're welcome. :)

Mike said...

Nope. Only I Don't Hook Up as euro bonus track.

Sexbox said...

I'm actually upset "I Don't Hook Up" isn't included. I am crossing my fingers that some deluxe edition from a some nation in Asia has it as a bonus track!

Sexbox said...

Oh...I commented before looking.... European edition it shall be!

Anonymous said...

I actually think that picture is from recently and not the 'Breakaway' era from '05. That's how good she looks now!

Pete said...

I Do Not Hook Up, The Trouble...and Dark Side are on the expanded deluxe edition.

I'm SO mad that she left off Sober on ALL editions. Such a beautiful, overlooked and underrated song. It's (almost) her 'Beautiful'.

Anonymous said...

Unless she's offering this up with a Big Mac ill pass... I'll buy UnFlopagetic instead. #LazyNavi4LIFEEEEE

Anonymous said...

Gross - just like her. How fitting!

Mike said...

Kelly does not look like that now! I saw her in concert last week and she looks 20 kilos heavier.

Pete - I totally agree about "Sober". Such a great song. I'm finally coming around to My December. I used to hate it!

Pete said...

Oh really? To me, My December is her Stripped.

Personal. Gritty. Honestly. Unexpected. Raw. Vulnerable.

Maybe is one of my all-time Kelly songs!

She completely shades it now (by never performing the singles) but if it had been well received she wouldn't.

KCSunshine said...

Photo looks like it's from the same shoot as the Catch My Breath single cover.