Sunday, October 21, 2012

Kat DeLuna Is A Wild Girl

That Kat DeLuna reign just won't let up! Hot on the heels of 2012's ultimate samba anthem "Wanna See You Dance (La La La)" comes a new floorfiller called "Wild Girl". A collaboration with DJ Yass Carter (not gonna pretend - I have no idea who this dude is), the upbeat party-starter is another triumph for the Dominican diva. I love everything about this. The cheap and cheerful beats, Kat's killer vocal and the slutty chorus. Everything! Oh and did I mention how amazing the special effect-laden video (below) is? The dance icon scans a QR code and is transported into some kind of alternate cyber reality where she dances in a cage half-naked. So wild! And what about her robot dog? Lady Gaga wishes she had this kind of technology in her videos! Fingers crossed this gem is a hit. I really need Kat to get back on top and show the lessors how it's done.


Me said...

Poor FLOP DeLUDED! That basic bitch is such a DIRE FLOP she makes medoners Revolver look like Candle In The Wind (Slutty Di Reissue)!

Why does she still have a record deal anyway? She hasn't had any hits!

Mike said...

Kat is the Queen of Latin dance, the woman who made Jennifer Lopez happen, RedOne's original muse etc etc

She's a music legend!!!!

Sexbox said...

She kidnapped the robot from Fey's "Lentamente" video! LOL

Anonymous said...

Such an icon!!!!!!!