Friday, October 26, 2012

Dane Rumble Returns With 'Tonight'

Now here's a welcome return. Dane Rumble is back with an upbeat track called "Tonight". I was obsessed with the Kiwi pop star's debut The Experiment in 2010 and interviewed him a couple of times when the album was officially released in Australia in 2011. He didn't break as big over here as he deserved - "Cruel" is one of my favourite songs ever - but the former Fast Crew rapper is still going strong at home. "Tonight" is another reminder of what we're missing. This is Dane's take on a Taio Cruz-esque club-banger - only quirker, cooler and not embarrassing to like. In some ways the song picks up where "Cruel" left off. It's very retro - think '80s new wave, with synths not heard since shoulder pads were popular (the first time around) - but organic-sounding enough to be fresh and different. "Tonight" is available to download from NZ iTunes now. No idea if or when it's getting released over here but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. This would sound amazing on the radio. While we wait for Dane's Australian takeover, watch the fun, car-themed video below.


Me said...

Its alright but the lyrics are a bit twee, though I do like the line about him not caring if she is really a man!

Aaron said...

"Going strong at home" Might be a bit of a stretch... Neither this or the one before it made the top 40. Not sure why coz they've both been great.