Thursday, October 18, 2012

Beyoncé Hand Picked By God For Super Bowl

Her majesty is back. The high priestess of pop, R&B and alt-country will entertain 100 million+ viewers at next year's Super Bowl. As Dr Alban once mused, sing hallelujah! This is amazing for so many different reasons. Here are the first ones that jumped into my head:

1. Beyoncé becomes the first black woman to headline the event on her own - Janet had help from her nipple and Justin Timberlake
2. She's only the second woman to have the honour after Madonna
3. If a Destiny's Child reunion is ever going to happen, surely this is the moment
4. Queen B wouldn't bother if she didn't have something to promote, so new music is definitely on the way sooner than we expected
5. Super Bowl is the perfect way to kick off the next era of excellence

I'm so excited about this. Bey is the greatest living live act and Super Bowl is the perfect arena for her to hold a master class in performance flawlessness. I'm just trying to image the setlist. I would go with:

- The edgy, undergound smash "Run The World (Girls)"
- Something ratchet like "Check On It" or "Diva"
- "Single Ladies" accompanied by pics Jennifer Aniston alone
- A ballad section featuring "Halo" and "Dangerously In Love Part 2"
- The reunion of Destiny's Child
- A "Telephone" duet with Frank Ocean in Lady Gaga drag
- A surprise cameo from Solange singing "Losing You"
- "Love On Top" and "Countdown"

A stan can dream! Anyway, here's a reminder of the Beyoncé live experience - making Glastonbury relevant again with a riveting performance of "End Of Time".


angry solo fan tommie said...

Vile. They should've gotten Solange to do a medley of her greatest hits!

Anonymous said...

God help us all i don't know why they chose her she is not that popular anymore at least not in America but then again that's what the NFL does gets has-been's to perform every year.

Anonymous said...

She's not amazing...but she's alright. I'll give you that

Sexbox said...

I will keep my rude nasty comments to myself because I respect you so much would be orgasmic to see Kelly and Tenitra join her for a quick reunion. I would love to see them do Bootylicious......maybe even bring in Stevie Nicks again for good measure? lol

Me said...

Bayonse is following Medoner into irrelevance!

Anonymous said...

Beyonce isn't the first black female. Diana Ross headlined in 1996.

Mike said...

Yeah I know. Quite a few people told me about Diana on Twitter. I will edit.