Sunday, September 09, 2012

Megan and Liz, Really Not Bad For Me. At All.

I'm so obsessed with US teen pop at the moment. There's definitely a revival going on. It started with Selena and Demi releasing two of last year's best albums and has gained momentum with newcomers like the amazing Bridgit Mendler. Another couple of names to watch out for are 19-year-old twin sisters Megan and Liz. The new millennium's Mel and Kim have steadily built a following via YouTube - they have 750,000+ subscribers - and now have their sights set on chart glory with new single "Bad For Me".

Co-written and produced by Martin Johnson from Boys Like Girls, the sisters' breakthrough anthem is an irresistible shot of pure pop. The song taps into the ever-popular synth-pop/lite-rock sound first perfected by Hilary Duff almost a decade ago. There's a little bit of angst in the mix but it's very well hidden by the crisp beats, catchy hooks and perky vocals. "Bad For Me" is a cute song and deserves to do well. Megan and Liz are rising on US iTunes and could have something big on their hands if radio plays along. The video (below) is pretty basic but it does the trick.

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Anonymous said...

they look like a china-town knockoff of Hayden Panetierre and Lindsay Lohan