Friday, September 21, 2012

Lolene Is Back To Blow Up Your Radio!

The best week for pop music since the 1989 continues with the very welcome return of Lolene. It's funny. I was only ranting about the underground electro-pop icon on Twitter last week. Basically, it pains me that someone this talented and interesting got the boot from her label while non-entities like Dev and Natalia Kills continue to rape our ears. It's particularly galling when you consider how brilliant her unreleased debut album is. I cherish my advance copy of The Electrick Hotel and still blast epic cuts like "Lionheart", "For The Record" and "Radio" when the mood hits.

Happily, the eccentric diva (she was known to emerge on stage via a giant vagina) is back with the aforementioned gem "Radio". As much as I love the song, it was recorded in 2009 and I was worried it might sound dated in comparison to the latest chart fodder. It doesn't. Produced by the dude behind Cobra Starship and Jeffre Star, "Radio" is still the best Kylie single not released by Kylie. I love the pretty synths and defy you not to get swept up in the glorious chorus. The video (below) is cheap and cheerful but perfectly captures Lolene's crazy personality. She can still slay your fave - even on a budget! Pressed? Fingers crossed this gets some traction. Pop music needs Lolene!


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I am SO excited that Lolene is back. I have loved her since Rick (Fake It Til You Make It) popped up randomly on Logo. I hope that the album gets released this time (and that Ordinary Girl becomes a single).