Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lena Sparkles With Stardust

I haven't posted any German pop music for a while, mostly because I haven't heard anything good in months. But the drought is over. Lena's new single is the best thing the 2010 Eurovision winner has ever recorded. Yes - even better than her international breakthrough "Satellite". The first thing you notice about "Stardust" is how far the 21-year-old has come in the past two years. I used to find Lena's quirkiness forced and off-putting but her current German chart-topper is convincingly offbeat, while still boasting a great pop chorus and catchy beat. Think Lenka meets Lykke Li (in a good mood)!

The next thing you notice is Lena's sophisticated new image. She looks gorgeous in the classy video (below), which finds the newly glamorous diva wandering around the Spanish desert in a series of outfits straight out of Lana Del Rey's wardrobe. It's beautifully shot and complements the song perfectly. This is one of those rare singles where everything from the mysterious cover art to the video clip is just right. I wasn't a huge fan of her first two albums but I'm counting down the days until the October 12 release of her third opus. That Eurovision monkey is now well and truly off her back.


Anonymous said...

cool review, cooler lena :-)

here are longer snippets to her whole album, simply amazing!

Bjorn said...

Lena is really good! Nice review!

Mike said...

Thanks for the link! Her album sounds amazing!! <3