Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Christina Aguilera Previews Your Body

Christina Aguilera's quest to snatch Adele's crown as the most popular plus-sized diva in pop continues with the first peek at "Your Body". And I'm completely sold. Not only is the song a total smash - top 10 and climbing on US iTunes - but the visual looks like a return to form. For starters, the malicious tranny that styled "Not Myself Tonight" did not get a call back. Xtina looks female again and she's not making an fool of herself in bizarre fetish wear. Sure, someone in her camp saw Beyoncé's "Party" video one too many times:

Exhibit A

But I'm here for lessors paying homage to the Queen and Christina first championed the trailer park look way back in "Dirrty", so she's really just returning to her roots. The rest of the video reminds me of Luciana's "I'm Still Hot" but has considerably higher production values like an exploding car. I can't wait for the finished product and I'm really excited about Lotus. Xtina is taking no chances this time and the world is ready for her to reclaim her spot on the B+ List. Download "Your Body" from iTunes today and make a big girl smile.


Anonymous said...

Mike you kill me every time! Hurrah for the new song, been playing this and Bat For Lashes' Marilyn non-stop since yesterday

Jeff said...

DEAD @ the adele comparison!

Anonymous said...

Just read Chunktina is leaving The Voice this year! WTF! Why? Lotus will have flopped out the charts long before Christmas