Thursday, September 13, 2012

Beyoncé Scores 7th Hit From 4

Beyoncé's to-do list for 2012 looks a little something like this:

1. Have baby 
2. Watch a couple of Jay-Z concerts 
3. Make Rita Ora happen 
4. Reach a billion people on World Humanitarian Day 
5. Release a random R&B smash 

Yes, bitches. King B debuts at #100 on the Billboard chart this week with "Dance For You" - the 7th single from 4 to achieve the feat. It's also #13 with a bullet on the R&B chart. Imagine what damage the Queen would inflict on the charts if she could be fucked with promotion! I'm glad Bey's smooth, mid-tempo jam is conquering urban radio. The-Dream got everything right on this one. The production is glorious and the lyrics manage to be sexy and romantic, which is a minor miracle in 2012.

Watch Beyoncé school your lame fave in the art of beauty and classy pussy-popping in the pretty film noir video below.


k-rowboi93 said...

sorry bt k-rows new sangle ice will oblitirate this awful mess of a song

Anonymous said...

YESSSSSSSSSSSSS BITCH. This song makes my life. Wish she had put it on iTunes as soon as the video dropped. Shit would be a top twenty hit 4SURE. But I'm looking forward to her slaying further this yr.

Blue Ivy said...

Momma > ya fave

Me said...

As stunning as the video is, this is yet another tiresome dirge from the most boring bint in music.

Anonymous said...

This song was actually first recorded by Kelly Rowland for the album 'Here I Am.' She decided not to include it on the finished product, and subsequently passed it onto Beyonce. Strange but true!