Sunday, August 12, 2012

Three Flawless Mexican Divas

Mexico does it better and here's the proof. In the past couple of weeks, the pop powerhouse has delivered triumph after triumph courtesy of legendary divas like María José, Fey and Belinda. Let's start with the former. I posted "Tú Ya Sabes a Mí", the lead single from La Josa's new album a few weeks ago and was slightly underwhelmed. It's a fun track but not the knock-out punch we're used to hearing from the ravishing beauty. Happily, María has come to her senses and settled on a different single to promote De Noche in Europe. "Extraña" is a vastly superior song and a far better representation of the album. I love every song on that gem and urge you to hunt down a copy.

That takes us to Fey. I've posted about this pop titan in the past but, in a nutshell, she was one of Mexico's biggest stars in the '90s - selling millions of albums and collecting number one after number one. Since then she's made more unsuccessful comeback attempts than Janet Jackson but I stanned for her last opus, which was basically the cheapest dance album ever recorded. This time she's back with a live album. I'm a bit confused but I think she's actually just singing old hits. Which is fine by me if "Frío" (below) is any indication of the quality. What a fucking anthem! The chorus is electric and Fey's live vocals sound better than your fave in the studio with T-Pain's autotune machine. Bring on the album - I can't wait!

Last and least is Belinda. It kills me to speak ill of the diva that brought us "Dopamina" - one of my favourite songs of all time - but "En El Amor Hay Que Perdonar" is a huge step backwards. The ex-Cheetah Girl is known for her international sound, high profile collaborations and quality production. Three qualities that are missing from this mess. It's not a bad song but I expect more from the Latin icon, particularly when the leaks from her upcoming album have been so brilliant. At least the video (below) is a flawless affair, which finds Belinda wandering around a beach with various wild animals. So edgy! Fingers crossed that the next single is a return to form.


Anonymous said...

hey mike
so happy you talk about these mexican queens
im from mexico and im truly blessed cuz of them
well i have a great idea!!
lets do a physical cd interchange, i mean i can send you some cds and you some aussie cds
would you love that?
plese say you do

Anonymous said...

sorry i meant exchange!!! lol!

Billy said...

I loved Belinda's song and video!

Mike said...

I would love some Mexican cds! But I already have a lot...

And I usually love Belinda but this is a weak song. She can do better.

site said...

When BEAST confirmed their comeback, I was both excited and scared -- excited because after "Fiction and Fact" they pretty much cemented themselves on my radar, and scared because Cube has screwed up pretty much all their comebacks this year (I'm looking at you all -- 4Minute, G.NA and A Pink) and I definitely didn't want the same thing to happen to BEAST.

ajaamkevin said...

Fey and María José (and Paty Cantú) are my favorite Mexican divas; it warms my heart to see that you enjoy these flawless divas from my country!

Mike said...

I love Mexican pop! Please send any recommendations x