Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pass The Dutchie, Bitches. EliZe Has Returned To Save Pop!

EliZe is one of my favourite pop stars. The flawless Dutch diva won an international following with her superb 2006 debut In Control, which spawned a minor Australian hit called "Automatic". If the name of the song doesn't ring a bell, chances are you'll remember the sexy video. They must played it on Video Hits for an entire year! EliZe returned in 2009 with a solid sophomore set called More Than Meets The Eye (I still listen to "Shine Like A Superstar" on an almost-daily basis) but it didn't sell as well as her debut and Holland's greatest contribution to modern civilization since legal dope appeared to fall off the face of the earth.

Until now. The holy pop legend is back with a high-camp cover/re-imagining of Musical Youth's 1982 classic "Pass The Dutchie", which is highly amusing because she's from the Netherlands. Geddit? I have to admit I was shocked when I heard the latest incarnation of EliZe. She's progressed from Kylie-lite pop to what is best-described as Euro-ska. The sample is very cute but the song comes into its own when she lets rip on all the lame guys chasing her. My favourite line is - "he really loves to hear himself talk, that's why I had to tell him twice to fuck off!" Could your fave? Then there's the sublime video (below), which finds the gorgeous singer reveling in stereotypes about her homeland.

"Pass The Dutchie (Treat Me Right)" probably isn't going to be EliZe's big break on the world stage but it's a great way to get some attention and remind everyone that she's back. If Eva Simons can carve out an international career, there's no reason why her equally talented countrywoman can't do the same.


Stephanie said...

kind of reminds me of Cher Lloyd.
Thanks for calling my country The Netherlands instead of Holland (which is only a small portion of the country),
Greetings, Stephanie
the Netherlands

Anonymous said...

The ending part reminds me of Mariah circa daydream

Chris said...

is this a parody or for me? either way its blowing my mind!

Anonymous said...

This is like The Netherland's version of Cher Lloyd I reckon!

Mike said...

EliZe > Cher Lloyd

Leigh Philips said...

In certain lights she's kinda like Tina Fey.... Hopefully she'll do an audio book too.