Monday, August 13, 2012

Melissa Tkautz - Greatest Hits Launch

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about the impending release of Melissa Tkautz's hugely anticipated Greatest Hits collection. That must-have opus brought iTunes to its knees on Friday and is still selling like 21 at Overeaters' Anonymous. To celebrate more than two decades of hits, E Street's most successful diva performed a showcase at Rock Lily nightclub in Sydney's Star Casino and showed why she is still as relevant as the day she started. The blonde bombshell appeared on the stage in a sexy black cocktail dress and proceeded to belt out her stunning top 40 cover of "The Glamorous Life". That was followed by her seminal debut single "Read My Lips". Melissa had the entire crowd reaching for her detonator as she high-fived fans and posed for photos mid-song. It was nice to hear "I Want Your Love" live again - the last time I had the pleasure was at its release party in 2008 - and I'll never get enough of "Easily Affected", which remains one of the most underrated Australian pop songs of all time.

Sexy is still the word

The face of Australian lamb then brought things back to the present by belting out her recent Nick Jay collaboration "Something About You" and new single "Take Me Away". Mel described the latter as a nod to her '90s hey day and it does sound like something they might have played at the Albury in 1997. Not that I'm old enough to know. After a bit of banter, the perennially youthful diva followed that up with 1992's raunchy "Skin To Skin" before bringing her army of fans into a frenzy with a remix of "Sexy Is The Word". It's always a treat seeing Melissa strut her stuff. She sounded great and always looks like she's having a blast. Earlier that day, I sat down with Sydney's yummiest mummy for a chat (see below) and will be posting that clip in the next couple of weeks.


Anonymous said...

is mike the new ray martin? whats going on? lol

Chris said...

Melissa forever! She was her usual glamorous, delightful self. Great to see you again too Mike.


Mike said...

Always a pleasure! x

Anonymous said...

When is Australia making a Real Desperate Housewives-type show?
This old bitch would be perfect!