Sunday, July 08, 2012

Ilia Darlin Continues To Win

The more I hear of Greek synth-pop diva Ilia Darlin, the more I love her. She first appeared on my radar in early 2011 with a cute Lady Gaga knock-off called "Car Crash", which she appears to have subsequently disowned, before emerging again in January this year with the poptastic "Hit Me". Her sound and image continue to evolve with "Even When I Lose I'm Winning". This flawless pop gem has a distinctly '80s vibe that I love and the kind of anthemic chorus that would guarantee a huge hit for someone with a higher profile. Fans of dreamy synths will also get their fix here. Ilia is really impressive. She takes pop seriously and deserves to be in the same conversation as European pop icons like Robyn, Yelle and Vanbot. Everything from the cover art (above) to the song and quirky video (video) works perfectly. Speaking of the latter, I don't know whether to be terrified or turned on by the leotard-clad molester! Lady Gaga could never.

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Matt said...

not bad! how come shes not covered by other pop sites? weird.