Monday, July 09, 2012

The Glorious Return Of Ysa Ferrer

I love French pop music. It's fresh, fun and - most of the time - kinda classy. At least in comparison to the shit that gets made over here. Over the years, I've featured Lorie, the legendary Mylène and, more recently, Shy'm but I can't believe I've overlooked the Queen of the gay scene, Ysa Ferrer. She is a high-camp force of nature with a loyal cult following from Madrid to Moscow. I live for her refined plastic surgery, less-is-more approach to fashion and stunning club anthems like the Chew Fu-produced "French Kiss". Think Heidi Montag with an accent - yes, she's THAT good!

The flawless 40-year-old makes great music but the diva really trades on her outrageous image, particularly in Eastern Europe where she claims to be bigger than Kylie. Cough. I guess that explains the mind-bending ridiculousness of her latest video. "Pom Pom Girl" is a typically catchy pop tune with a bit of chanting and a chorus that would make Kyary Pamyu Pamyu weep with envy but the clip... is so awful that I keep pressing repeat out of sheer fascination. There are drag queens, gay bodybuilders and the worst dance routine this side of a Cheryl Cole video.

Needless to say I love it and hope she continues ruling gay nightclubs in rural France for the next 20 years. All hail Madame Ferrer.


Anonymous said...

lmao what a tragedy!

Anonymous said...

I love Ysa, you also have to know that the lyrics are very funny, and Ysa has a lot of humor unlike a lot of divas...