Monday, July 02, 2012

Et Alors, It's French Pop Diva Shy'm!

It's been a while since I featured some quality Euro-pop on the blog, so I was really excited when a friend told me that flawless French diva Shy'm was back in the game with a new song and album. The gorgeous 26-year-old has a long list of hits under her belt but I thought she had retired to pursue a career in television after rocking my world with 2010's epic dance opus Prendre L'air. It turns out that Dancing With The Stars was just a passing distraction and the Martinique-born beauty has returned to put your fave in her place. Poor Lorie is so pressed right now! "Et Alors!" is a typically fierce pop anthem. I love how it begins with guitars before plunging headfirst into clubland. The chorus is insane and I'm here for all the little vocal hooks. Then there's the video. I've noticed that French pop artists still bother to make great film clips. This one is actually quite simple in comparison to the mini-movies that Mylène, for example, makes but the editing is crisp, the concept is concise and Shy'm looks amazing. "Et Alors!" deserves to be massive and I'm gagging to hear the new album. Watch in awe below.


RobB said...

De rien ! :)

RobB said...

I personally woud like to thank someone who pointed me towards Shy'm's latest hit succes (we're still in some sort of battle; he bought her album right away, but I expect she's gonna re-release it «Prendre L'air»-style! :)).

Anyhow, merci beaucoup to BvH!! :)