Monday, July 30, 2012

Bertie Blackman - Saviour Of Australian Pop

Bertie Blackman has returned to slap some life back into the Australian indie-pop scene with the lead single from her fourth studio album Pope Innocent X. I've featured the quirky diva several times on the blog over the past few years and fell head-over-heels in love with Secrets and Lies (ranking it as one of my top 40 albums of 2009). Happily, "Mercy Killer" picks up where that opus left off - at least as far as quality is concerned. Bertie's new jam is a brilliantly executed anti-pop song that camouflages the (typically) dark thematic terrain with cute, toe-tapping beats and a sing-a-long chorus. I love everything about this from the brutally honest lyrics to the spooky soundscape.

In other words, it's pretty much brilliant and puts all our local faves to shame. The morose wordsmith readily admits that "Mercy Killer" is a confession about fucking someone over and finding perverse pleasure in the process. She might be a bitch but at least she owns it! The video, unfortunately, is a bit of snooze until the lead actress starts menstruating in the bathroom. From that moment on, it's a rollicking ride full of bad fashion and dead men with combovers. While Washington lost the fucking plot and the likes of Missy Higgins could never find it in the first place, Bertie always delivers. This is one of my favourite Australian pop songs of 2012.


John said...

She sounds similar to Marina and the Diamonds, but more sophisticated. I like.

Matt said...

i like it too

Mike said...

Great to find some other Bertie fans!