Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Remembering When Rihanna & Two Other Flops Paid Tribute To Destiny's Child

Way back in 2005 a trio of sad flops were wheeled out to pay homage to Destiny's Child at the World Music Awards. Those "ladies" were queen of the mixtape Teairra Mari, forgotten R&B diva Amerie and a clueless hoe called Rihanna. The performance is interesting - and memorable - for a number of reasons:

1. The focus was clearly on Tea Tea. Given her complete lack of success, it's very easy to forget that she was once, very briefly, hailed as the next big thing.

2. As usual, Amerie is all but hidden behind a curtain. I don't know what this woman has to do to get some respect. Even in her hey day she was an afterthought! Of the three, she is clearly the only one who can sing in key.

3. Rihanna looks like a deer caught in headlights. Bitch can't sing or dance, so obviously she's the one that became a superstar.

4. This shows how kind and sweet Beyoncé really is. Instead of laughing or filing her nails, she claps and sings along and generally appears to be enjoying the show.

5. Kelly and Michelle, on the other hand, all but roll their eyes and give the girls major side-eye. I'm sure Jesus wouldn't approve of the scowl on Tenitra's face but I sure do!

6. Most of all, this clip is awesome because it underlines the amazing talent of Destiny's Child. They make the (then) rising stars look like complete chumps by comparison. DC3 never missed a dance move - apart from the time Michelle fell off the stage - and were always pitch perfect.

Watch a bunch of pretenders take on "Lose My Breath" below.


Cyber said...

I legit thought Teairra Mari (whoever that is) was Ciara in the picture until I read the article.

Anonymous said...

This was 2005 right? Who the fuck styled RhiRhi? Britney circa 1999

Mike said...

Yeah it was 2005. Rihanna looks ridiculous. She has trouble moving let alone dancing!

Diva Incarnate said...

"This shows how kind and sweet Beyoncé really is. Instead of laughing or filing her nails"

LOVED that line.

Andrew said...

I'm having a hard time typing a reaction, I'm stunned. This performance is defining and not just for the reasons listed. I mean, can we talk about that set and venue? It looked like a local stage production lol. And yes, the styling is, well are there even words for what it is?

On the side, Amerie looked beautiful and her dress was very flowy so she looked great moving. But still, there complete lack of cohesiveness with the outfits brought them all down. And yea, Rihanna does look like a skanky version of Britney's catholic school girl.