Sunday, June 17, 2012

A New Career High For Kelly Rowland

There's no stopping one-woman hit machine Kelly Rowland. Fresh from releasing 97 buzz singles to promote her not quite Gold-selling album Here I Am, the motivated diva is back with an upbeat cover of an early '90s German pop classic for a Bacardi rum commercial. Could your lame fave? While perhaps not the classiest moment of Ms Kelly's career, I think it's one of her best. Here's why:

1. Bacardi commercials only feature iconic divas. Last year it was Spanish pop legend Marta Sanchez and her stunning club-banger "Get Together" ended up being one of my favourite tracks of 2012. 

2. America won't let Kelly be great. Sure, "Motivation" was a hit but I'm convinced that was largely due to pressed Beyoncé haters downloading the song to derail "Run The World (Girls)". So it's smart for critically unacclaimed Freddy Vs Jason actress to focus on the European market and this sound works there. 

3. "Summer Dreaming" is a well-executed cover of an iconic '90s hit by Kate Yanai. The original version was a huge hit in Germany, reaching number one and selling half a million copies in 1991. It was time for someone to recycle this gem and I love the uptempo overhaul. 

4. The video was shot in Barcelona and is a clear homage to Michelle Williams' "On The Run", which was also filmed in Spain. Tenitra's non-charting club smash had a much bigger budget but Kelly looks pretty and she gets to party with a bunch of drunk Spaniards. Winning. 

I really like this trash and hope it's a big hit for her.


Me said...

I love Bacardi but after seeing that DIRE FLOP and rancid HASBEEN Mz SMELLy flogging it with yet another abysmal shitefest, I will never partake of it ever again!

Matt said...

I like it!

nick said...

I think Kelly is a great siinger. Better singer than Rihanna, Katy Perry, Britney, Ke$ha etc, so she deserves a shine. The only reason she is not that successful is because people compare her with Beyonce'. Motivation is a good tune, and l don't think it was successful due to Beyonce haters. It was a successful single because it's a good tune! Her dark complexion may not be appealing to other people, but she is a very beautiful girl with a beautiful heart. The media needs to stop writing negatively about her!