Monday, June 04, 2012

Cosmo Jarvis - Brilliant New Song & Mesmerising Penis

Cosmo's breakthrough sea shanty "Gay Pirates" was one of last year's best singles. The Brit's experimental approach to music and dark sense of humour, expressed mainly through his twisted videos, established him as one of the rising stars of the alt-pop music scene. Well, the 22-year-old is back with the first taste of his third album and it's another gem. I interviewed Cosmo late last year and he said he was going to steer away from the quirky rap-rock material that drew the critics' wrath on his next opus and he appears to have kept his word. "Love This" sounds like something Jason Mraz would sing if he actually had an opinion. At first listen it's rather gentle, radio-friendly pop-rock but the typically razor-sharp lyrics have Cosmo's sticky fingers all over them. And then there's the video. I'm sorry but I'm mesmerised by the singer's swinging cock. This is like watching the men's 100 metres at the Olympics but at a lower speed! Listen to the pop pioneer's future JJJ hit below.


Me said...

Another brilliant track by Cosmo - though I can't help but thinking he is marketing himself towards niche fetish groups in a move first pioneered by Dannii's latex perverts fantasy video for Touch Me Like That

JamesF said...

Mesmerizing is the perfect word to describe it, Mike.

~perverted 4 lyf~