Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Natalia Guns For Soraya's Pop Crown

I know what's going on here. With Soraya busy burning up the club charts around the world in Poland and Uzbekistan, Natalia is trying to snatch her superstar countrywoman's international pop crown. Sorry, bitch - it's not gonna happen! Don't get me wrong. I like Natalia and her flop dance anthems but she just doesn't have the vocal prowess to match the pride of Extremadura. Could she place 23rd at Eurovision? I don't think so! Many of you are probably wondering who the fuck I'm writing about. Well, the 29-year-old beauty is best thought of as the Spanish Britney Spears. She can't sing or dance but people kind of feel sorry for her. 

Since leaping to fame on a talent show in 2001, Natalia has released five albums. The first two were successful but the last one stalled at number 55. That basically killed her career but she's on the comeback trail and has released a couple of catchy club anthems. "Indomita" is no exception. It was released last year and was well-received. At least online. Not content with conquering Spain with her lyrical genius, the diva is now hoping to reach a wider audience with an English language version. I'm not sure it's the best idea. For starters, Natalia's accent is heavier than Adele and something was clearly lost in translation. The song makes no sense!

But while I vastly prefer the Spanish version, "Indomita" is not without its charms. I love the bubbly Eurotrash production - complete with tragic D-Mol rap - and stupid chorus. The video is also a treat. Despite being a bigger flop than Nicola Roberts, Natalia is apparently chased around Europe by screaming fans. Who is she trying to kid? Apart from that hilarity, Soraya's new nemesis spends most of the clip dancing like an idiot at the club and lying unconscious in bed while a sexy nun fawns over her. So a typical Saturday night in Spain. Watch 2012 classiest production below!

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so much talent! <3