Thursday, May 03, 2012

Michelle Williams Teams Up With Ultra Naté For The Duet Of The Year, Saves Dance Music

Forget about Beyoncé and Lady Gaga. Delete Christina and Maroon 5 from your iPod. The bad dancer from Destiny's Child just shut the game down with the hottest duet of the year! Yes, Michelle Williams survived that embarrassing "On The Run" debacle - you might remember her German producers promoted the record by banning it from YouTube - to collaborate with dance icon Ultra Naté on a hot club track called "Waiting On You". The song has been doing the rounds for months but the video (below) finally dropped today, so hopefully this means it will get the push it deserves. Tenitra is due for a hit. She has dedicated her career to praising Jesus and making Kelly look coordinated but spiritual fulfillment and goodwill won't keep her in wigs and House of Dereon dresses! Despite her 5% discount. "Waiting On You" is a fabulous old school house anthem. I'm not sure how well that will translate to radio but gays from Amsterdam to Adelaide will be dippin' it low to this gem for months. Ultra Naté always tears it up with her powerful pipes but Michelle steals the show with her throaty vocal. I love Tenitra's voice. It has so much character. If you're ever feeling bitter, check out the title track of her "Unexpected" album - without a doubt one of the best fuck you anthems of all time. So what about the video? Um... it's almost as classy as the cover (above). You're gonna love it as much as I do. Promise!


JonathanLGardner said...

I think the video could have been better recorded. It looks cheap.

However, this is a THUMPING dance anthem and there are some hot remixes (Andy Caldwell & Remy Le Dub Mix is HOTTT).

The video has come a little too late. The song charted and peaked at #11 on the US Billboard Dance chart months ago.


Dave said...

Tenitra, I got three words for you: "Shanté, you stay". Looks like a top-shelf production you'd expect from a Rupaul's Drag Race contestant.

John said...

This video looks like the budget came from Michelle finally receiving a royalty check that got lost in the mail. Fun tune, but one of those lyric videos would have more sophisticated than this.

Sexbox said...

I love this song. The video is tragic, but most of Ultra Nate's videos have that low budget feel. Such an odd pairing but I think it works. I am eager to hear Ultra's new album. She's been teasing us with more random singles than Dannii on a coke induced Ibiza holiday. And one last thing, Ultra Nate needs to STOP with the sequined-bedazzled eye make-up. it was cute back in 2007 for "Automatic" but now it is just old!

Mike said...

LMAO! It does like something a contestant on Drag Race would make!

And I agree about Ultra's make-up. She needs a new look!

Jamie said...

Ultra's weave looks like its about to slide off haha. SO cheap, I love it. Poor Michelle's career is at an all time low, what next a collection of Destinys Child hits 'reinterpreted' for the clubs? I approve.

Mike said...

Omg yes! "Say My Name 2012"!

Tariq said...

Ultra..some people have no clue for house music! Great job with Michelle of Destiny's Child!!! You go girl!
Now if only you cud point in the direction of that group of yours that did the "Carol Of The Bells" house remix at ur bday part at Sugar's before you moved to the Dox!! I need a copy baby!
Luv ur homie..,
Dj Propaganda