Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kate Ryan On The Pop Panel

Sunday night's Pop Panel was a lot of fun but there was something missing. A few days earlier I had invited Kate Ryan to take part but didn't hear back from her in time and just assumed the pop icon was too busy. Imagine my surprise when I found her votes in my inbox this morning. And what amazing commentary! Belgium's third most famous export after chocolate and sex offenders is a natural. She says exactly what she thinks and isn't afraid to throw some shade. I shouldn't be surprised. After all, I only got to know Kate after she dragged me up and down Twitter for this post. Could your fave? Since then, we've become cyber lovers. I stan for the dance diva's duet with Charlotte Perrelli and I'm really excited about her upcoming Electroshock album. The first two singles have been great but the latest cut is even better. "Robots" finds Kate moving in a sexy new direction. I love everything about it and the video (below) is a revelation. It's like a cross between Kylie's "Wow" and Lady Gaga's "LoveGame" - only with more class and style! Now  brace yourself for Kate's stunning pop analysis.

Spiritus – Lisa Mitchell (Video)

Kooky ex-Australian Idol contestant is about to go on a tour of churches to promote her new spiritual EP.

Nothing special. Reminds me of a similar ex-Belgian Idol winner Kato. Check out her clip. 2/5

Eric Saade Ft. Dev – Hotter Than Fire (Video)

Swedish hunk has remixed his latest single for the UK.

This will not stand out anywhere I'm afraid. I also don't like Dev's look in this video. She's too plain. And what's up with announcing each other at the start of every collab? That's so 2010! 2/5

Rita Ora – How We Do (Party) (Video)

Rita is blowing up the charts in Europe with "RIP" but this is her US/Australian debut.

I absolutely loved "RIP", especially the pre-chorus "can you-ou-ou-ou fee-hee-hee-hee-eeel". This one is a decent pop song trying to hide in a "bad girl" video. 2/5

Kate Miller-Heidke – I’ll Change Your Mind (video)

Australian indie-pop diva gets bloody in the video for her stalker anthem.

Video = 5/5. Well done Kate! Cool video. Song = 3/5. Production + mix =  0/5. Sorry!  

Trey Songz – Heart Attack (video)

R&B god calls on Kelly Rowland to star in his video. So you know it has to be good.
The world needs more R&B instead of those Americans wanting to make dance! 4/5

Clark Owen Feat. Lena Katina – Melody (Video)

That Russian chick from t.A.T.u. is back to voice a generic club anthem.

Decent '90s Eurotrance. All those sounds are now being used in the new urban productions. Good for them to still release "original style". 4/5

Flight Facilities Ft Grosvenor – With You (video)

Sydney duo get animated for latest clip.

Love it ! Great vibe to it. Reminds me of chilling out on the beach in Ibiza after a wild night. Well done, wanna work with them! 5/5

Kate's Single Of The Week

Gangkiz – Honey Honey (Video)

Korea's trashiest girlband unleash 7 minute debut video. That noone can understand.

Love IT! Disco, kitsch, glam all the way. Go girls! Korean Bananarama! 5/5


Anonymous said...

love kate!!

Me said...

Who'd have thought that FLOP tart could be so SCATHING of her fellow FLOPS?

Brett said...

Kate is hilarious!! Love her!!