Sunday, May 13, 2012

Kat DeLuna's Latest Belgian Pop Triumph

It's time for your fave to take a seat and hand over her wig. Pioneering pop legend Kat DeLuna is back with another Belgian club-banger and, as usual, she raises the bar for popular music to previously unimagined heights. Since re-locating to Europe, the Dominican diva has been on a roll. "Push Push" was one of the best songs of 2010, "Party O'Clock" was stolen by Jennifer Lopez and re-released as "On The Floor" and "Dancing Tonight" shot Queen Kat to the top of the US club chart. Could your fave?

She's currently putting the finishing touches to her next album but somehow managed to squeeze this feature into her busy schedule. "Had A Dream" is reminiscent of recent collaborations with Jean-Roch and Nicola Fasano in that it's squarely aimed at clubbers but this is a vast improvement on those disappointments. Basically a re-worked version of a Belgian trance record called "Producelast", the nuclear-powered dance track sounds fresh and current. I love the chorus and think Kat could have a pan-European club hit on her hands.

The video (below) is a simple affair but RedOne's muse looks amazing and takes the attention away from flop rapper Fo Onassis. Bow down.


Anonymous said...

One word: crap.

Mike said...

You're crap!

Anonymous said...

Who is FLOP DELUDED sucking off to still have a record deal???

katfan said...

Haha.. Anonymous person above. You're the prime poof who thinks that an amazingly talented singer is bad just because she isn't ridiculously famous or doesn't have the success of your regular trash.
That's the definition of deluded.

RedOne said...

I love it!!!!!!!!!