Friday, May 04, 2012

Eva Simons Drops "I Don't Like You" Video

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about Eva Simons' hot new single "I Don't Like You" and quipped that the Dutch diva was on a mission to slay. Talk about a premonition! This is one of the freshest dance anthems of the year and could be the "Silly Boy" singer's big break if it takes off on radio. Zedd's production is icy perfection and the owner of the best hair in pop showcases her powerful pipes to full effect. Surely, there's room in the game for one more sexy siren? Hell, we can always get rid of Keri Hilson. As for the video (below), it's beautifully shot and Eva looks amazing. She is so striking and I want to steal that poodle. The lighting is great and I like the scene where the new and improved Rihanna hides from her Ex in the car. From one stalker to another, the trick is the park around the corner! Apart from that there's not much of a narrative but it does the trick. "I Don't Like You" is getting a lot of love online. Fingers crossed that it now takes off in the clubs and starts flying up the charts.


noelster said...

this vid is GORGEOUS and 'i've gone cold in the heart' is my new catch phrase! eva and her mohawk are my new dance faves - luv it! x

Darkwing Duck said...

Simply amazing...You've inspired me to buy it on iTunes, to support this brilliance!

Mike said...

Glad you guys like it so much! Spread the love of Eva!