Sunday, May 20, 2012

Emma Louise Can Do No Wrong

"Jungle" was one of my favourite songs of 2011 but Emma Louise raises the bar even further with "Boy" (below). The beautifully restrained alt-pop anthem is a revelation. Brisbane's best export since XXXX has delivered a gloomy folk song wrapped in a murky blanket of electronic bleeps. It takes a couple of listens to process but eventually unfolds into something quite spectacular. I love Emma's understated lyrics and am convinced that the pixie-faced singer has one of the best voices in music. She creates mood and taps into emotions with an ease that astounds me. "Boy" is probably too subtle to set the charts on fire but it's only a matter of time before she does some serious damage. Perhaps the gloomy songbird just needs the right visual to reel people in? While we wait for the video, download one of the year's best songs from iTunes and snap up a ticket to Emma's soon-to-be sold-out tour of the East Coast.

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Brett said...

this is beautiful!