Thursday, May 03, 2012

The Day R&B Died - Brian McKnight Releases "If Ur Ready 2 Learn (How Ur Pussy Works)"

Brian McKnight has one of the most celebrated voices in R&B. Not to mention a glittering career that stretches over three decades and reaped 16 Grammy nominations. Imagine my surprise when the soul superstar got on Twitter and declared he was recording a song called "If Ur Ready 2 Learn (How Ur Pussy Works)". What kind of fucked up alternate universe is he living in? This is the man that made school girls - and boys - around the world swoon with "Love Is" - his 1993 duet with Vanessa Williams from the Beverly Hills 90210 soundtrack. What's next? Aretha Franklin dropping a club-banger called "Let Me Rim Ur Asshole"? The saddest part is Brian making a YouTube video (below) to explain this mess. R&B officially jumps the shark when he nonchalantly starts singing "let me show you how your pussy works because you didn't bring it to me first". Has it really come to this? I'm shaking my head so hard right now, I look like Katherine Hepburn.


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He seems to have lost some brain cells since the 1990s, apparently.