Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Valerie Claire - Model & Underground '80s Icon

I was driving home from work today and nearly crashed the car when my iPod shuffle settled on Valerie Claire. To be honest, I don't know much about this immaculate diva. My friend Jamie introduced me to her years ago and it was love at first listen. I did some digging and learned that "I'm A Model" was produced by German electro-giant Harold Faltermeyer (best known for his Grammy-winning instrumental "Axel F") in 1984 and followed by an equally classy single called "Shoot Me Gino" a year later. That's it. Literally. If anyone knows more about this epic talent please let me know. I'd like to think Val re-surfaced at some stage to bless the world with more spoken-word pop gems but if this is it, then so be it. Her two-song legacy shits on your fave's entire back catalogue! Take "I'm A Model". This truly is a trash classic of the highest caliber. The production is tight, Ms Claire's angelic vocal is flawless and the bitch had style. Check out the glamour girl in action below. That hair! The manic miming! Those clothes! Love. Love. Love.


Jason said...

RuPaul sent me here! Great post!

JamesF said...

Kesha wishes she could. Consider me slayed!

Jamie said...

I still love this too, Mike! "I'm a, she's a, I'm a, she's a, m-m-m-model aha!" hhaha x