Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ricky Martin's Ex Releases Awful Pop Song With Softcore Video

I have featured a lot of shit on this blog over the years but Valerio Pino's "GogoStar" is truly without merit. This formerly smokin' hot piece of Eurotrash - what happened to the beard and chest hair? - speaks about being an erotic dancer in heavily-accented English against some of the clumsiest beats ever thrown together on someone's home computer under the influence of cocaine and poppers in Chueca. I know that sounds kind of amazing but it isn't.

The song plods along aimlessly and any camp value is stamped out by the 31-year-old Italian's complete lack of personality. Valerio takes himself way too seriously for a man pretending to fuck a mannequin in his video clip! So who is this tool? I thought his name sounded familiar and it turns out he once dated Ricky Martin. Or was at least linked to him. I'm sure it was a true meeting of the minds. Not that I'm judging after seeing some of model's tasteful nudes, which I forced myself to look at for research purposes!

Unfortunately, "GogoStar" isn't even good for a perve. Valerio looks a mess in the video. Admittedly, it's not easy to exude sexy when you're wearing a butt-plug shaped sequined g-string and humping a dummy. I just can't.

Check out: some of the vocal giant's sexy pics.

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Calen said...

I love this hot mess!