Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mr. Little Jeans = My New Obsession

"Runaway" by Mr. Little Jeans was the free download on Australian iTunes last week. I usually don't bother with the freebies because they're usually horrendous but the name was vaguely familiar. And then it clicked. The Norwegian diva briefly appeared on my radar a couple of years ago when she dropped a cute cover of Beyoncé's "Single Ladies" and was signed to Neon Gold - the ultra hip record label that is home to Marina & The Diamonds and Ellie Goulding. To be honest, I don't know what happened to her after that. Monica (her real name) hasn't broken through like her much-hyped labelmates and appears to have spent the past two years releasing quirky cover versions. It's a bit of mystery but the break appears to have fueled her creative fire. "Runaway" is such a beautiful pop song. I hate comparing artists but it reminds me of early Ladyhawke. The effortless mix of '80s references and cascading synths make Mr. Little Jeans' anthem the slightly disturbed distant cousin of tracks like "Crazy World" and "Oh My". In other words, it's completely fucking amazing. What sets "Runaway" apart is the dark undertone. There's something wonderfully eerie about this jam that is captured rather well by the gloomy video (below). When is her album due? I think I'm obsessed.

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noelster said...

<3 this song, and the video is sheer perfection, like a cross between longo and jonze. sublime.