Thursday, April 05, 2012

Martika's First Video In 20 Years

Have two decades really passed since Martika's last video? I still remember the sexy bath scenes in her Australian top 40 hit "Coloured Kisses"! It's a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions that we've been denied a new visual for this long but the magnificence of "Flow With The Go" takes away some of the sting. The first thing that strikes you about the now 42-year-old diva's new clip is how fresh and youthful she looks. She hasn't aged a day in 20 years!

The next thing you notice is her outrageous white latex leotard and suspenders ensemble. I thought you could only buy clothes like that at Adult World. So what else happens of note? Well, Martika slays the game with some killer dance moves and rolls around in bed looking slightly demented. It's an adorably quirky ride and really brings the song to life. "Flow With The Go" is such a grower. I love Spanglish rap interludes, rave-tastic chorus and stunning lyrics - "Ding dong King Kong at the door!" Now, I have to ask - could your fave?

"Flow With The Go" is available to download from iTunes now. Martika's eagerly-awaited dance album The Mirror Ball drops later this year.


Anonymous said...

is that Martika doing the old Madonna your legs and let every one in..talentless people will do anything to make a buck, or should I say do a buck

Jump! said...

i know this will be in your top 2o year end faves countdown this year.

Mike said...

That kind of goes without saying!