Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dulta's Back - More Boring & Redundant Than Ever

I guess this was inevitable. Ever since it was announced that Dulta had signed up for The Voice in a desperate bid to kickstart her stalled career, the prospect of new music from the horse-faced diva has loomed over my stereo like a black cloud. I finally got around to playing "Sitting On Top Of The World" last night and it's pretty dire. The serial a-dulta-ress is still trying to make that whole piano-pop vibe happen with a song that sounds like something Vanessa Carlton recorded and then rejected in 2002. It's cheerful enough if you like elevator music but it would have been nice to see some artistic growth. Would it kill her to dabble in dance? That Tommy Trash remix of "Believe Again" remains her finest moment. By a huge margin. What about the video, I hear you ask? On the bright side, Dulta's nose-job has finally settled and her golden mane makes her the prettiest pony in the stable. Apart from that it's as boring as she is. The former hitmaker just stands around waiting for another woman's boyfriend to steal before playing the piano - standing and in heels. She's so hard! Watch this mess below.


Calen said...


This is some good shit.

I'm so glad she's back.


Anonymous said...

What a nasty little man u are, have an opinion fine but this is disgusting

Anonymous said...

righttio... Im not even going to bother telling you how retarded you aree for saying what you just said... the fact that in your faviourite music category it says 'ricki Lee" says it all..
delta is tenfold better and more talented than ricki... so goodluck to you, i wish you the very best in the future with your unfortunate taste in music, and people.
oh, and anime sucks.

Anonymous said...

Uh, Delta! Have hated her since the Neighbours days. But I must admit that's a great nose job. And fantastic hair extensions.

Jump! said...

Actually like this song Mike and we should be happy she gave at least 2 unemployed gays jobs in the video as backup dancers.

Me said...

Anotehr tedious snoozefest that is really about how she craves married exec cock! The SLUT!

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