Thursday, April 05, 2012

Beyoncé To Re-Release 4

*ring, ring*


"Hai Mike! It's your Lord and saviour Beyoncé."

"Yes, my Queen?"

"FYI I'm re-releasing 4 in May with - you guessed it, boo - four new tracks and the entire Year Of 4 documentary."

"Can. Not. Breathe."

"Imma show the lessors who's boss! But now I gotta go wipe Blue Ivy's arse with $100 bills."

"Ok, bye."

Read more about the musical event of the year here.


HyunA Knowles said...


Blue Ivy said...

no wonder my ass hurt

noelster said...

just saw a commercial for 4 and tho't i was dreaming... no mention of the extras tho.

Anonymous said...

"But now i gotta wipe blue ivy's arese with 100 dollar bills" #DEAD

i actually believe either jay or bee tried to do some shit like that.

blue ivy and mariahs baby girl will become the future divas y'all.

Me said...

Shameless skank just had her nasty ass weave SNATCHED by someone doing If I Was A Boy on The Voice UK! *snaps*

requirebuyer said...

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