Saturday, April 28, 2012

4Minute Turn The Volume Up

My Sunday routine basically involves stumbling home in the early hours of the morning, demolishing enough bacon to wipe out Babe's entire family and then crashing on the lounge to watch Pop Asia on SBS. It can be a bit tragic at times - I'm referring to sad flops like this guy - but I love seeing my K-Pop faves on TV. The highlight of last week's episode was 4Minute's stunning "Volume Up" video. My friend Jacques had been raving about it on his blog for weeks but sometimes it takes a couple of listens for a song, particularly one in a language you don't understand, to click. Perhaps I was also a little unreceptive because I still think of 4Minute as that embarrassing girlband from Sydney's K-Pop Festival. Let's just say they really need to work on their mime game!

Happily, I have seen the light and will now devote my life to stanning for Korea's answer to Destiny's Child - that is if DC3 released Hi-NRG dance anthems with glamorous vampire-themed videos. "Volume Up" is an incredibly western sounding record. It reminds me a lot of J Lo's "Dance Again" - at least musically. There are '90s horns and Euro-beats that could have been lifted straight from a 2 Unlimited or Real McCoy track. I love the bizarre production and am completely addicted to the catchy chorus. Forget SNSD and their flop attempts at American success - 4Minute has a more international sound and HyunA is sexier than all those girls put together! Check out the epic video below. "Volume Up" is available to download from Australian iTunes now.


Anonymous said...

Its iconic!!! They can end careers <3

Anonymous said...

Whoever you are you're mah hero cuz QUEEN HyunA NEVER FAILS!!!