Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lana Del Rey Unleashes Blue Jeans Cover Art

And it's everything and more. I love the "Where The Wild Roses Grow" dynamic happening between Lana and her thug lover. It's so grim yet darkly beautiful. Which is actually a perfection description for the song, and I guess, Adele 2.0's music in general. I'm still not entirely sure "Blue Jeans" is the best choice for her next single - it was the original B-side to "Video Games" and has been all over the net for what feels like an eternity - but the track itself can't be faulted and I have a feeling a flawless visual is on the way. If not Lana's "homemade" original video is still better than your fave's last big-budget extravaganza. Soak up that Del Rey magic below.


BornToDie said...

how is this a single? already been out for months!!

Rudy said...

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