Friday, March 09, 2012

Bow Wow Wow - It's Luciana's Next Smash!

Here's a sneaky preview of Luciana's next UK single "Bow Wow Wow". The killer club anthem features long-time collaborators Bodyrox as well as rap sensation Chipmunk and includes no less than two Christina Aguilera references! So it kind of goes without saying that it's amazing and needs to go straight to #1. But enough about the song. How brilliant is the Burgoyne Brothers-produced teaser? I'm not sure about the dog in PVC at the beginning but Boo - the canine star - is absolutely adorable and I love the way it's been put together. "Bow Wow Wow" features on the soundtrack to StreetDance 2 and will rock British music fans in April. Sounds like a smash to me.

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