Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Are Toni & Trina Braxton The New Janet & La Toya?

I have a thing for musical dynasties. There's just something fascinating about seeing family relationships under the microscope of the fame spotlight. Who will ever forget Jermaine's digs at brother Michael in "Word To The Badd" or when Dannii went under the knife to look more like Kylie? As far as celebrity siblings go, the Braxtons have done a fairly good job of keeping it together. That is if you ignore the constant cat-fights and wig-snatching antics on their amazing reality show. But with all of the ladies dreaming of solo stardom, it's only a matter of time before weaves start flying. The first sisters to capitalise on the success of Braxton Family Values are Trina and her perennially cash-strapped superstar-sister Toni.

To be honest, I didn't know what to expect from Trina. She's basically the Tito of the Braxton clan. She was a part of the family's flop girlband in the early '90s but she never went solo like Tamar or had any hits like big sister Toni. It's surprising then that her high-brow jam "Party Or Go Home" is an utter delight. There's nothing particularly original about it - think RedOne on a budget - but it's catchy and showcases her stunning, autotuned vocals. I love the inane lyrics and think it would probably be a top 20 hit for the likes of Britney or Jennnifer Lopez. Listen to Trina's guilty pleasure above and download it from iTunes now. A girl's gotta eat!

That takes us to Toni. It's no secret that I stan hard for this bankrupt bitch. "Pulse" was one of my favourite albums of 2010 and I keep hoping she regains the Midas touch that made her one of the biggest stars of the '90s. The deep-voiced beauty was always going to be the biggest benefactor of Braxton Family Values and she is looking to make the publicity count by going down the predictable dance route. There's some dispute as to whether "I Heart You" is the lead single from her 8th studio album or just a buzz single - it was briefly released as a free download but there is a video the way - but I'm not really bothered about the song's commercial performance. I'm just glad it's a great track that freshens up the dated-but-still-amazing R&B sound of "Pulse" without detracting from Toni's glorious, honey-coated pipes. My favourite bit is when the beat drops and she declares "I think I'm gonna DAAAANCE!"

On a side note, the diva's new album is called Heartstrings & Synagogue Vibes and it documents her new-found believe in abstaining from sex outside marriage. I couldn't make this shit up! Long live the fabulous Braxton sisters. Now where is Tamar's hot jam?


John said...

You know I stan just as hard for Toni, and she didn't disappoint with this track. In fact, she surprised the hell out of me, sticking with her "Make My Heart" formula even though it bombed the first time around. My big concern is that she's releasing this music on her own, but I hope it works out for her.

Trina came respectable if not hard. I've been rocking "So Many Ways" the last couple of weeks, and it's cool hear she held her own alongside Tamar. I smell opening act!

tommie said...

Get it Tri-tri!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love both songs!

Anonymous said...

More like Toni and Trina really have real voices unlike Latoya who can't sing worth crap. And Janet love her and all but she is the star music voice and dance moves. So Toni and Trina are no sibling rivalry and they both can sing and so can all the Braxton's.