Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Taylor Swift > Bon Iver

It's time for Justin Vernon to go back to where he came from. Taylor Swift has unexpectedly stolen his eerie folk-pop crown on "Safe & Sound" and let's face it, that comb-over is a crime against all that is good and holy. Bye! I'm so impressed with Tay Tay's latest opus. She's finally left the Disney princess lyrics behind and explores considerably darker territory on the first single from The Hunger Games soundtrack.

Perhaps it's the influence of alt-folk duo The Civil War or the film's post-apocalyptic subject matter that has prompted Taylor to leave her comfort zone and embrace her inner-depressed diva. Who knows? Whatever the reason for the change, she pulls it off brilliantly. Her moody lyrics and fragile voice hover above the sparse smattering of guitars and ominous drums like a tired hummingbird. I love the haunting chorus and beautiful harmonies. This really is a huge step forward. Make sure you also check out the gorgeous video, which finds Tay walking around a desolate winter landscape looking tired and cold. It's a lot better than it sounds!

"Safe & Sound" is available to download from iTunes now.

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Michelle said...

Are you serious? I understand that you have a wonderfully unique taste, but to attempt to give some form of value to a song Taylor wrote for a box office Hollywood hit over that of Bon Iver (and ALL that he's done this past year in terms of musical innovations and intellectually sound tunes) shows that you clearly do give too much value to pop. Taylor is NOT folk, she writes about several romances she's had that have lasted little more than months. She's overused and over complimented.