Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rita Ora Makes Rihanna Even More Redundant

Damn. Rita Ora just hammered another nail into the dusty coffin that currently doubles as Rihanna's career. The new and improved Roc Nation poster girl picks up where RiRi left off - you know, when she was still popular - on her UK debut "R.I.P.". The Tinie Tempah-assisted club-banger is a surefire smash with its laser-like synths and epic chorus. While I like her US debut "Party And Bullshit",I think this suits the Kosovo-born beauty's voice better and is distinctly more chart-friendly. It has to be said that Jay Z really likes his divas to have a nasal voice and bad attitude. This is the kind of turbo-charged pop tune that his now obsolete Barbadian cash-cow should be making instead of slow jams about getting her pussy eaten. Is it too late to scrap "Party And Bullshit" in the US and go with this instead? The sooner Rita takes the Roc Nation throne the better. Listen to "R.I.P." below.


Anonymous said...

lol its worse than riri

Anonymous said...

This is just ridiculous. This is a perfect waste of a good song. Judging by the lyrical content & the way it was originally sung by "Drake" you can tell that he specifically wrote this song to fit "RIHANNA'S" style, voice, and personality. This girl can sing but she doesn't have that special pizzaz in her voice that makes her as unique as Rihanna other than the fact that she sounds "foreign". Jay-Z is just as crooked, phony, & back stabbing as Diddy. To bring some one on your label that looks just like an artist you already have is some shady crap. Rihanna's style is unmatched because she's unique & original. Somebody please get this Rihanna wannabe off the internet. lol